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Daily/Weekly Cycles of Prayer

For the Anglican Communion: Please pray for the Diocese of Ekiti Kwara – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)


For Our Diocese, Parishes, Commissions, and Committees: St. Michael’s (Chickasaw) and St. Michael’s (Ozark)


For Episcopal Religious Orders and Faith Communities: The Order of the Ascension; Sisters of St. Margaret & the Society of St. Francis.

For Prisoners, Staff, their Families, and the Victims of Crime Everywhere: Walton Correctional Institution (DeFuniak Springs) & Camden Work Release (Camden, AL)


For our local First Responders and Law Enforcement: Garrett Brantley; and for Ryan, our Fire Chief and Mike, our Sheriff.

For Joe, our President; Ron, our Governor; and the members of the Walton County Commission. 

Pastoral Care & Parish Prayer List

Parishioners: Hugh and Emily Vick; Peggy Koblenzer; Tom Reynolds; Nan Jacobs; Jo Bell; Catherine Dickson; Emily Vick; Rick Sroufe; Lynn Crevar; Jacquie Childs; Marlise Reis; Ann Schultz: Dawn Whitty; Buffy Miller & Lark Harbeson; Dooley Culbertson


Friends & Family: The McKinney Family; The Ward Family; Bill Evans; Chip Johnson; Dotty Kulp; David Allen; The McDowell Family; Alice Chalmers; Carmel; Kay; Martin Miller; Bonnie Wilson; The Kovach Family; Carol Bomar; Gloria Guthals; Judy Fairweather; Rita Shilling; Tammy Follis; Laura Wheeler; Cristina Fernandez; Brandon Yates; Rosella Sacco; Tricia Spencer; Alex Porterfield; Evie Butler & Judy Owen


In Memorium: Kim Vick; Britt Ward


For the Christ the King Vestry: Dale Dalbey; Brian Kellenberger; Jim Moomaw; Mark Mahaffey; John French; Meredith Spector; Don King; Ruth Johnson & Sallie Peebles


Parishioners Serving in the Military and their families: Cinnamon Kellenberger; Anthony Portz; Wilson Hunter; Eric Alexander (Don & Jacquie Childs’ son); John McKenzie (Sonya McKenzie’s son) & Austin Tucker (Emily Caruso’s grandson)

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