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Holy Baptism

What is Holy Baptism? Baptism is the means by which we become members of the community of believers, defined in the New Testament at the Body of Christ. In the Episcopal Church, a person is baptized only once.

Anybody who is seeking a new life in Christ for themselves or for their own child. This new life is God’s gift of grace. Because of the nature of the promises made during Baptism, it is important that baptismal candidates have a relationship with the Christ the King community and intend to continue to participate in the fullness of Christian life.

How do we prepare for baptism at Christ the King?

  1. Complete the Baptismal Information Sheet and return it to the church office.

  2. Read “Preparing for Baptism in the Episcopal Church” by Anne E. Kitch. Copies are available in the church office.

  3. Attend the “All About Grace: Understanding Baptism in the Episcopal Church” class at Christ the King. This class is offered 3-4 times a year. Check the church newsletter, bulletin insert, or the office for the upcoming dates.

  4. Attend a rehearsal on the day prior to the baptism. Check the church office for actual date and time.

When do we celebrate Holy Baptism? 

Christ the King celebrates the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on the following days of the Church Liturgical Calendar:

The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord – Sunday, January 7, 2024
The Easter Vigil (8:00 am) – Sunday, March 31, 2024
The Day of Pentecost – Sunday May 19. 2024
The Transfiguration of our Lord (transferred) – Sunday, August 11, 2024
The Feast of All All Saints’ Sunday (transferred) -  Sunday, November 3, 2024

*All baptisms are at the 10:30 service except on Easter Sunday, which is at 8:00am.

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