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ASA6-7-15 CtKChurchSRB (18)Now that the Day of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday are behind us, we have entered into what used to be known as “Ordinary Time” on the Church Calendar. Ordinary Time is the time period between the Day of Pentecost and The First Sunday of Advent. Depending on when Easter Sunday falls, there can be as many as twenty-nine (!) weeks of “Ordinary Time.” In the Episcopal Church, we now refer to this season as “the Season After Pentecost,” which is an attempt to sound, well, less ordinary.

After our first five days with you here at Christ the King, Emily and I can attest that the journey that we are embarking upon with you is anything but ordinary!
The hospitality and welcome we have received has been extraordinary! From the men who met us to help move hundreds of books into my new office, to Joann Kellogg, who has cooked dinner for us every night this week, to the transition team who has been helping every step of the way, we have been shown wonderful hospitality, and we are truly grateful.
The staff at Christ the King is extraordinary! I am so excited to be working with Tonya Johnson, Heather Cowan, and David Ott; and I am grateful that I will be a part of such a talented, creative, and faithful team of colleagues.
The physical plant at Christ the King is extraordinary! I still marvel at the beauty of the property the moment I head down the wooded driveway. I hope I never grow numb to the sheer beauty of our property, church building, and parish hall/kitchen/offices.
The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School is extraordinary! I am thrilled to be working alongside Maureen Paine, the rest of the faculty, and of course, the children!
So while my first Sunday with you falls on the first Sunday of “Ordinary Time,” I can assure you that our time together will be anything but ordinary. After all, the God who has called us together at this moment is anything but ordinary. And his Son who lived and died as one of us, reconciling us to his father in heaven, is anything but ordinary. He is Christ the King!

Emily and I send our gracious thanks to you for the extraordinary welcome you have extended to us. Thank you, and thanks be to God for this extraordinary journey we are beginning together!

See you Sunday,


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